A Symbolic Link to an Ancient Culture

Descendents of the Aztec, the Huichol number about 18,000, most of whom live in the Sierra of Jalisco and Nayarit. Having withstood the Spanish Invasion, they are still striving to keep their culture alive and viable, despite the ever-increasing physical and cultural encroachment of their Mexican neighbors. Peyote is a focal point for their ceremonies, and their colorful beadwork and yarn work reflects a reverent and symbiotic relationship with nature.

The Huichol People

The Huichol people are a culture in transition as modern life encroaches upon their traditional ways. Many have migrated to cities such as Tepic and Guadalajara; others struggle with poverty, land-invasion, and illness caused by pesticides in tobacco plantations where many find work as day laborers. Few outsiders are welcome in Huichol villages located in the high sierra.