Munny Series
Mr. Hikkuri and his art collective in a village of artists natives of the Wixarika communities. These artists spent up to 200 hours on each art piece applying up to 70 thousand beads by hand to tell a story of their culture. We are excited to bring you a collection of 5 handcrafted pieces of history and culture, each telling a different story.
Each one of a kind Hikkuri Casa comes with an official Certificate of Authenticity.
Hikkuri Casa is a brand that puts forward a creative way of Art, Design, and Culture. We believe that we can converge this triad of concepts through our Diffusion and Commerce Project of unique Wixarika Art pieces (Huichol Art). Our pieces are elaborated by our collective with Huichol families of the diverse rural communities.
In Hikkuri Casa we have works that have been developed in an artist way with two techniques: beaded and yarn painting, our pieces take from weeks to months of work, these pieces are the result of the artistic collaboration that we do with the most gifted Huichol families from the diverse communities.
Every single piece has embodied the elements of the cosmovision of these artists in a different way, what makes them be works of art unique and unrepeatable.
Mr. Hikkuri
Note: In any Way Hikkuri, Hikkuri Casa is related or associated to Kid Robot ™, Hikkuri Casa Customize art pieces of many brands and his own creations, we are not associated with the brand in any way.