Why Mr. Hikkuri Huichol Art Could Soon Be King !!!

Like most Artists, Mr. Hikkuri goes through the usual morning routine of waking up, checking his phone, art news and grabbing breakfast. But unlike most people who are now hitting the books in college, or working endless hours, Mr. Hikkuri heads to his studio in Miami ( Hikkuri Casa Studio ) each day, flips on his favorite music and starts creating ideas That`s Why Mr. Hikkuri Huichol Art Could Soon Be King.

“There’s no day in Mr. Hikkuri studio in which there will be sad, mad or weird vibes,” stated Mr. Hikkuri. “It’s always happy, always nice and always creative. That’s the only way you can make wonderful Huichol Art.”

The so-called “Mr. Hikkuri” has gained worldwide recognition for his distinct style. His mixed medium sculptures and paintings are a blend of bold colors of Czech and Japanese beads, over sculptures, toys, and paintings art techniques. The paintings’ overlapping layers of beads colors and patterns reveal new discoveries the longer they are studied.

At the center of his work are images of famous pop culture icons such as Popeye and Mickey Mouse, Kid Robot, Kaws, and Toys as well as high-fashion logos like that of Chanel, Supreme, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. “These are things that bring you back to happy times. I like to make people happy when they look at my artwork,” and they shine, said Mr. Hikkuri.

Huichol Art

“I feel like you can put me under the street art category; you can put me under the pop art category; but at the end of the day, my artwork is so unique that it has its own genre,” he said. “I was put on this earth to create.”

Mr. Hikkuri...