Who we are?

HIKKURI CASA is an Artist collective, born from Mr. Hikkuri desire to support and collaborate with the Huichol Art tribe Artists, a millenary Mexican culture.

Influential, innovative and progressive, HIKKURI CASA is reinventing a wholly modern approach to Art, Design & Casa.

Mr. Hikkuri purpose is to create and develop Huichol Art inspired in a Contemporary & POP design world, using ancient techniques and styles that express the Wixárika cosmovision.

Eclectic, contemporary, romantic—Hikkuri Casa Art represents the pinnacle of Huichol-Exclusive Hand Made Art, and are unsurpassed for their quality and attention to detail.

In the same way that we transmit the beauty and culture of our people, we value and favor the Artist labor, we practice fair trade, we improve the materials in our studios to bring Our Huichol Art to The Contemporary World and create a workspace in a positive environment in which this art is made.

We specialize in the projection and sale of Art collections & Editions and care along with the Huichol Artists the impeccable making of each piece.


How it’s made ?

Along hundreds of years, Wixarika history and culture has been transmitted from generation to generation through Art. Originally, the materials used in Wixrika Art were various things they found in their natural habitat like: stones, seeds, nuts, precious stones, shells, among others.

Nowadays, after great cultural exchange and innovation, Mr. Hikkuri envisioned the Wixarika artists to use crystal beads made in Czech Republic & Japan. Thanks to these miniature grains of color, they are able to elaborate symmetric geometric figures incredibly detailed, making each Art piece a true manifestation of the Artist's inspiration and ability.  Every bead is placed one by one with the highest care and precision.

Between Wixarika techniques we can also find the thread drawing. This thread can be either synthetic or natural, giving a variety of textures and sensations at the stroke. Every thread is selected and placed one by one.

Traditionally, we use mainly a mix from bee wax and paraffin, although technology gives us now the opportunity to use in some pieces to use more resistant glues that give the pieces a longer life and better quality.

In Hikkuri Casa we have works that have been developed in an artist way with different techniques: beaded and yarn hand by hand made, our pieces come from weeks to months of work, these pieces are the result of the artistic collaboration that Mr. Hikkuri Put Together  with the most gifted Huichol families from the diverse communities of the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico, those who learned from their childhood these representative  Art techniques of their culture.



The Huichol or Wixárika people are an ethnic group that inhabits isolated areas along the Sierra Madre which covers the states of Nayarit, Jalisco, Durango, and Zacatecas in Mexico. Their culture and traditions have been preserved and passed on since pre-Columbian times.

The Wixárika culture is based on the belief that mother nature is sacred, it´s elements represent gods and ancestors. All the community members will make pilgrimages for hundreds of kilometers to their sacred lands to visit, adore and receive the god's teachings. The gods communicate with them through dreams and visions which are then expressed on their different Art. This is why all Huichol art is sacred, each symbol contained is a part of their beliefs and traditions. and has a profound meaning.



By purchasing Art from HIKKURI CASA, you are directly supporting fair trade with the WIXARIKA communities, and the preservation of their culture.

You will help build a more Positive & Sustainable Future for the Huichol communities.

Mr. Hikkuri Artist collective, reunite Art by Helping Artists Have a Better Well Being.



“Mr. Hikkuri” is the alias of an unidentified visionary artist, originally from Mexico City.

The artist has worked in the urban environments of Mexico, Miami, Los Angeles, Europe and throughout Adding varied materials (including glass beads, yarn, and epoxies) to subversively depict various iconic pop & contemporary culture characters and designs.

Mr. Hikkuri cites his artistic visions as learning from the new pop culture, an artist, eventually abandoning traditionally academically driven art classes to reunite art through an Artist collective rather than as an individual methodology.

Mr. Hikkuri and his work have been acquired by Sheiks in Dubai, Mexico's Society, Miami`s Interior design Casas, in addition to a myriad of art + lifestyle blogs. Brands Had commissioned Mr. Hikkuri to design the logo`s for their Brands and unique masterpieces for collectors throughout  The World.

The Main Visión of Mr. Hikkuri is to créate a more sustainable Life through the purchase of unique pieces to help out the Huichol Familie`s through his cooperative Vision…