How it’s made?

How it’s made?

Along hundreds of years, Huichol Art history and culture has been transmitted from generation to generation through Art. Originally, the materials used in Wixrika Art were various things they found in their natural habitat like: stones, seeds, nuts, precious stones, shells, among others.

Nowadays, after great cultural exchange and innovation, Mr. Hikkuri envisioned the Wixarika artists to use crystal beads made in Czech Republic & Japan. Thanks to these miniature grains of color, they are able to elaborate symmetric geometric figures incredibly detailed, making each Art piece a true manifestation of the Artist's inspiration and ability.  Every bead is placed one by one with the highest care and precision.

Between Wixarika techniques we can also find the thread drawing. This thread can be either synthetic or natural, giving a variety of textures and sensations at the stroke. Every thread is selected and placed one by one.

Traditionally, we use mainly a mix from bee wax and paraffin, although technology gives us now the opportunity to use in some pieces to use more resistant glues that give the pieces a longer life and better quality.

In Hikkuri Casa we have works that have been developed in an artist way with different techniques: beaded and yarn hand by hand made, our pieces come from weeks to months of work, these pieces are the result of the artistic collaboration that Mr. Hikkuri Put Together  with the most gifted Huichol families from the diverse communities of the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico, those who learned from their childhood these representative  Art techniques of their culture.