Mr. Hikkuri?

“Mr. Hikkuri” is the alias of an unidentified visionary artist, originally from Mexico City.

The artist has worked in the urban environments of Mexico, Miami, Los Angeles, Europe and throughout Adding varied materials (including glass beads, yarn, and epoxies) to subversively depict various iconic pop & contemporary culture characters and designs.

Mr. Hikkuri cites his artistic visions as learning from the new pop culture, an artist, eventually abandoning traditionally academically driven art classes to reunite art through an Artist collective rather than as an individual methodology.

Mr. Hikkuri and his work have been acquired by Sheiks in Dubai, Mexico's Society, Miami`s Interior design Casas, in addition to a myriad of art + lifestyle blogs. Brands Had commissioned Mr. Hikkuri to design the logo`s for their Brands and unique masterpieces for collectors throughout  The World.

The Main Visión of Mr. Hikkuri is to créate a more sustainable Life through the purchase of unique pieces to help out the Huichol Familie`s through his cooperative Vision…